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About ASAK Co.

ASAK Corporation (the desire to build the grand ideas), begun its activities under name of cooperative productive corporation of the youngsters of KOOSHAK ASAK in Mashhad in 2005 on the grounds of designing and manufacturing agricultural equipment and research activities. Name of the company changed by approving its knowledge based activities by obtaining the approval from FERDOWSI University of Mashhad to ASAK (the desire to build the grand ideas), and the board of directors changed with regard to the new statute.

The company currently sets at the SHAHID Rajaee University in Tehran and has access to all of the laboratorial facilities of the university. The corporation is participating in various grounds of the country’s industry such as designing and manufacturing special machines and all types of power transmission systems and power generators. The expert panel is made up of several working groups. The work group of mechanic, artificial intelligence and aerospace can be name among the most active of these work groups.

ASAK corporation is participant as a knowledge based corporation relying on its scientific potency and workshop and industrial equipment with trained and skilled human resources, on the performing and managing industrial projects in and out of the country and with observation to technical, qualitative and economic principles.