ASAK Anti Lock Magnetic Brake

Rotatory magnetic brake system with Non-permanent magnet and anti-locking feature


On the basis of physical laws and magnetic attraction feature which is created between the magnetic core and steel rotating disk as the magnetic material embedded inside the disk , during rotation of the coil core, rotating disk alternately is subject to momentary absorption subsequently the drive speed decreases and stops. Based on the experimental results obtained from the project, this approach can be considered as an alternative to ABS-type brakes.

Some of usages:

Magnetic brake can be used as retarder in light and heavy trucks

As a brake on wind turbines

As a brake in all industries without friction

Use as a Torque Limiter: many sensitive equipment such as wire and cable industry as well as the aviation industry needed to the torque limiter by which disruptions caused by unforeseen additional torque of the power generator can not be inserted to the consumer. Torque Limiter gives you the possibility to provide security as in the hydraulic circuit and boilers pressure relief valves.

The advantage of the magnetic brake produced by Asak corporation:

smooth Functioning and without mechanical contact

Torque transmission without wear and heat

Achievements and glories of the project:

Top Design of Khwarizmi International Award in 2006

Bronze medal in 2007 Malaysia International Inventions competition

Some of our partners and consultants in the project:

Professor Abedi (professor in Amirkabir University of Technology)

Doctor Amir Khaledian (phd in JD Power Amirkabir University of Technology)

Doctor Ilyas Abdullahi (phd of solids Amirkabir University of Technology)

Engineer Nhbndanyan (Director of Electrical Group of Technical College Mashhad)

Doctor Hamid Claw (phd of Physics Magnetism Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)

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