Special Machines

Special machines

Including the main working fields of ASAK knowledge based corporation, are engineered design and in some cases (according to need) initiative and build special machines that are used in a variety of micro to macro industries. If the piece, mechanism or device be defective in any industry or create problems for the entire system during operation or being among the machines that due to international sanctions the similar sample of them can’t be provided, it’s enough to leave it to our experts to make its design and manufacturing done in least time and with highest quality.

Names of some of these special machines come as follows:

All factories.

  • Mechanized machines of factories- a mechanized machine with a set of pneumatic moving parts, electric and hydraulic creates special Reciprocating or rotary movements.
  • Mechanized jig and fixtures- our engineers are able to improve the quality of manufactured parts with designing and manufacturing special jig and fixtures.
  • Testing machines- a test machine can be a good solution to improve the production status by measuring the quality of your products. ASAK experts will design and operate it to collaborate with your productions and increase the quality of the products.
  • If you want a mechanism that doesn’t have a previous example and you want to do a special operation, ASAK experts are here to design and operate it with innovative and distinctive designations.

Existing innovative systems in transportation industry

  • Automobile manufacturing
  • Aerospace industries
  • Rail industries
  • High-speed boats and marine industries mechanisms and machines

Machines in the power generation industry

  • Wind turbines
  • Diesel generators
  • Hydroelectric, gas and steam power plants

Oil, gas and petrochemical industries

  • Production and transportation of oil pumps and their derivatives
  • Injection, mining, draining, cooling, gas transmission compressors
  • Special valves for controlling gas and liquid and by deployment of innovative designs

Types of agricultural machinery from excavating to harvesting

Renewable energy machinery and mechanisms

Special machines for constructing buildings and roads

And other industries such as oil-making industry, sugar, steel, rolling mills, cement, stone crushing and so forth

Our capabilities on the ground of designing and manufacturing of special machines:

Consulting services in all the grounds related to build prototype such as: possibility of implementation, data collection, design, building and testing laboratorial sample (if needed), proposing the cost of Continuation of project, determining the extent of the operation, determining the duration of operating of the project and equipment list.

Physical (mechanical) design: providing the basic plan (a similar or innovative plan), selection the required equipment and parts, three-dimensional modeling by CATIA software, structural calculations, limited element analysis, preparing BOM (bill of material) and material selection, designing safety mechanisms including mechanical security, access to electronic cease as well as locating the parts in required space and preparing plan and map of construction.

Electrical design, including: enforcement mechanisms, the programming and controlling the whole of system by ASAK’s skilled team and artificial experts.

Producing process: machining the parts with 0.001 MM precision, the heated operation in different ways and according to need, using updated processes for cutting, welding and other manufacturing processes.

ASAK engineering Corporation guarantees following items in all projects:


Long life span

Minimal change in other parts

Improve the efficiency and performance of whole the system

Reducing the initial setup and during process costs

Pictures of some of the laboratories and facilities of ASAK Corporation are provided below:

ASAK designs special machines

 asak special machine