TEKNO and ASAK new contract

ASAK Co and a well known Turkish company named TEKNO have signed a new contract to design and manufacture a new type of Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) systems which is based on ASAK Co new invention (ASAC CVT). Based on this contract ASAK manages technical aspects of the project and TEKNO manages financial aspects of the project.
Also, a new company named ZENITH is established by collaboration of ASAK and TEKNO to manage all activities related to the project.

شرکت TEKNO ترکیه

TEKNO group of companies :

TEKNO Group of Companies, since its establishment in 1986, has been working as a partner and distributor of the leading manufacturers of the world in the fields of construction machinery, construction materials for infrastructure and water and waste water technologies in Turkey.

TEKNO has entered the Energy Sector in 2011 with Natural Gas Combined Cycle Plants and Solar Power Plants. As the medium term target, TEKNO Energy aims to reach 300 MW installed capacity.

TEKNO is the market leader in all of its business activities based on the highest levels of integrity, quality in sales and services it offers to its customers. Today, TEKNO is generally accepted as the main reference in the Turkish construction industry.

شرکت TEKNO

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